Dermaplaning, strobing, microblading – it sometimes feels like not a week goes by without a new beauty trend that you need to know all about. Some of these trends aren’t actually that new at all though. Take dermaplaning – essentially hair removal for the face – it’s been around since time immemorial, with fans (that we know of) including legendary beauties Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. So what’s new here? The £150 price tag. But what are the actual benefits?

First of all – whether you’re 15 or 55 and whatever your racial background – a little peach fuzz is totally normal. So why remove it? Smoother skin and improved makeup application are just a couple of the benefits. But do you really want to pay the price of a pair of shoes for every treatment? Non merci. That’s where one of our favourite beauty discoveries this year comes in: meet the Braun FaceSpa.

Epilate your face? Are you crazy? Actually no. It’s the quickest and easiest way to get rid of hair – and tidy up your eyebrows – and it lasts too. Better than waxing or dermaplaning? Definitely. Removing even the shortest hairs simply and with total precision, the Braun FaceSpa also comes with a selection of indispensable attachments for radiant, beautiful skin.

A facial brush gives skin a deep-cleanse, banishing makeup, pollution and dirt, making it ideal for daily use, leaving the complexion clean, fresh and clear. There’s also an exfoliating brush for perfectly smooth, even skin, and even a beauty sponge for flawless makeup application. Fully waterpoof, it actually works in the shower – although we recommend a spa evening in solo when you’ve chance. Silk pyjamas, Netflix, perhaps a little glass of fizz – you get the idea…

Flawless, radiant, fuzz-free skin for up to four weeks – who doesn’t want that in their life? Best of all, try FaceSpa from Braun – and if you don’t like it, there’s a full money-back guarantee. Think about it: what would Marilyn do?

This feature is created in partnership with Braun