A non-fiction book makes a great Christmas present – it’s something to enjoy on the day, and keep dipping back to from time to time over the year to come. Whether you’re buying for a foodie relative, a fashionista pal, a beauty-obsessed sibling or a photographer friend, one of these ten beautiful books is sure to please.

For The Cocktail Aficionado: Experimental Cocktail Club

Opened in Paris in 2007, Experimental Cocktail Club since expanded to launch multiple venues in New York, London and Ibiza, becoming one of a handful of bars really leading the international bar scene – in chic, French style, of course. The group’s first book, Experimental Cocktail Club is an ode to cocktail culture, featuring 85 exquisite recipes from the elegant, speakeasy-style bars. Creative, inspiring and always experimental, this book is perfect for anyone who likes their cocktails.


experimental cocktail club book

For The Fanatical Foodie: Taste – The Infographic Book of Food

Providing hours of endlessly fascinating reading, The Infographic Book of Food is not your average book of facts or food. Pages of eye-catching infographics feature alongside a multitude of thought-provoking stats, recipe ideas and trivia, covering everything you’ve ever wanted to know about food; from traditions and trends to cocktails and coffee. Authoritative yet fun, informative yet inspiring, this book will be loved by everyone from amateur foodies to accomplished cooks.

Taste infographics

Taste The Infographic Book of Food

For The Intrepid Explorer: You Only Live Once

You only live once. So what do you want to do? Where do you want to go? What would you like to experience? Lonely Planet’s You Only Live Once serves as starting point to inspire you to come up with answers to those questions, whether that’s kite-surfing in Greece, learning French in Provence or showering under a waterfall. The book is divided up into sections based on one hour, one day or one week, for example, so you can start small and see where the adventure takes you. NB this book may make you decide to quit your job.

you only live once

you only live once book

For The Fashionista: The History of Modern Fashion

A stunning survey of style from 1850 to 2010, Daniel James Cole’s The History of Modern Fashion will keep fashion fans engrossed for hours on end. Considering the social and economic background of each era, fashions are placed in cultural context, making for truly fascinating reading. Sumptuous illustrations and photographs accompany the text, meaning that this is perfect for a quick browse or for longer reading. One of the most intelligent books on fashion we’ve read in a long time.

The History of Modern Fashion

history of modern fashion

For The Interiors Expert: Design Bloggers At Home

From Cornwall to California and Sweden to San Franciso, Design Bloggers At Home is a whistlestop tour of the homes of 15 of the internet’s most popular interior design bloggers. Expect instant inspiration, interiors ideas and lots of envy-inducing images of picture-perfect homes, whether you favour understated Scandi chic or Boho opulence. There’s also a really useful section with interiors resources such as homewares stores and etailers, plus tips on how to set up your own interiors blog.

design bloggers at home book

design bloggers at home

For The Bake-Off Fan: Pierre Hermé Macaron

There are macarons, and then there are Pierre Hermé macarons. And with more than 60 recipes along with some seriously, seriously saliva-inducing images, Pierre Hermé Macaron is undoubtedly the definitive guide to everyone’s favourite sweet treat. From simple flavours for the beginner to Hermé’s classic recipes (salted caramel, praline, pistachio) and then some true haute patisserie specialities such as wasabi-strawberry and quince-rose, this tasty tome provides lots of very delicious reading. Oui, the king of macarons is as inventive and important as ever.

pierre herme macaron

pierre herme macaron book

For The Beautiful One: Face Paint

In her first ever book, legendary makeup artist and beauty blogger Lisa Eldridge tracks the history of cosmetics over the past century, and it’s fascinating reading – whether you’re makeup obsessed, or simply interested in culture, history or society. Proving that’s she’s much more than just a pretty face, Eldridge’s Face Paint covers everything from cosmetic innovations and how makeup is made to beauty icons and the impact something as apparently simple as makeup has had on women’s lives. You’ll never look at lipstick in the same way again.

Face Paint The Story of Makeup

lisa eldridge Face Paint The Story of Makeup

For Everyone: Rarely Seen – Photographs of the Extraordinary

Travelling to far flung corners of the globe, National Geographic’s Rarely Seen: Photographs of the Extraordinary is a remarkable book that will remind you of how wonderful our planet really is. Captured by some of the world’s best photographers, these dazzling images will astound you one after another – from natural phenomena and incredible animals to places you can hardly believe exist. It’s also a reminder to get out there – explore, discover and enjoy our amazing planet.

National Geographic Rarely Seen - Photographs of the Extraordinary

National Geographic Rarely Seen

For The Trendsetter: Art and Fashion

Exploring the fascinating connection between the two of our most creative disciplines, Art and Fashion delves into the inspiring relationships between artists and designers as diverse as Cecil Beaton, Salvador Dalì, Vivienne Westwood, Andy Warhol and Stella McCartney. 25 pairings dating back to 1935 feature in this beautiful coffee table book, from Saint Laurent’s iconic Mondrian dress to a meeting of two enfants terrible in Alexander McQueen’s captivating collaboration with Damien Hirst.

Art and Fashion book
art fashion book

For The Hip & Healthy: A Modern Way To Cook

As the clean eating and 360-degree wellness trend shows no sign of abating, there have been any number of so-called healthy cookbooks published over the past year. Satisfying fad-free and featuring almost no unusual ingredients, Anna Jones’ A Modern Way To Cook is packed with tasty, nourishing recipes – designed to be achievable any night of the week – to inspire you to eat well. Creating a quiet revolution in the world of food, Jones’ book is truly the way we like to cook – and eat – now.

A Modern Way To Cook Anna Jones

A Modern Way To Cook