What’s the one thing you would do if you were not afraid? Back in November 2014, myself – co-founder of Flock Global – and eight other female entrepreneurs came together to create our own business trip to New York. We pooled our resources, asked Soho House if we could run an event, and had a house party where 100 people turned up to meet us and talk business. Were we scared? Yes, every single second! But what we got out of the trip was worth so much more than if we had stayed in our comfort zone. Here is what we learned from the trip and from each other…

Think less do more

Sometimes we can all overthink things. That big audacious goal you have for 2017 might be a bit daunting… Think about it too hard, and you might just decide to stay under your duvet. If we had overthought the plan of going to New York on our own business mission then we probably would have never booked the flights. Sometimes you have to think less and just take that first step towards your goal.

What is the worst that will happen? What will you do?

It is always good to be prepared, so taking a minute to think about your plans logically without the emotion can really help. Come up with a ‘worst case scenario’ so that your bold, daring, brave action becomes slightly less scary. When you think about the practicalities of things going wrong, you more often than not realise that it wouldn’t be a disaster if you failed. And guess what – it would be a disaster if you didn’t try.

Everyone has an opinion

Whilst in New York we were staying two streets away from Madonna’s house. As I ran past her beautiful home a couple of times that week I thought about how I hadn’t bought any of her music for a long, long time. In fact, I wasn’t even sure I liked her music at all. But had this stopped her from being successful? Of course not. It was at that moment when I had a moment of realisation, believing that yes – you really don’t need to please everyone. You just need to find your own tribe, and this is pretty easy now we have the internet. So what’s stopping you?

Embrace uncertainty

Big bold goals that take you way out of your comfort zone are going to be scary. Uncomfortable means you won’t know the outcome so you have to embrace uncertainty. But how do you do this? It is simple, trust that it is going to be O.K. because the majority of the time it will be and the personal rewards will always be greater.

Done is better than perfect

One of our founding members of Flock, Janet Oganah, said this to me at one of our events and it has stayed in mind ever since. The first thing you do will never be the best because you are learning. Get something out there that takes you a step closer to your goal and trust you will learn, and improve, as you go.

So dare yourself to set big, audacious, bold and brave goals for 2017!

Emma Sexton is the Co-Founder of Flock Global, a network for early stage, progressive entrepreneurs built on an ethos of collaboration – as an alternative to competition in business. Flock Global runs monthly Meet-Ups, as well as Trade Missions, and Retreats. And you can catch Emma on the Badass Women’s Hour on talkRadio every Saturday night at 8pm from 14th January 2017.