The phrase ‘handbag staple’ gets bandied about a lot. But Black Chicken’s Balm of Ages is just that: meet the product that does pretty much everything apart from wash up. Made with 100% organic ingredients, the ultra-nourishing multi-purpose balm can be used anywhere you like really: as a remedy for dry or chapped skin, to tame and smooth frizz and fly-aways, or even as a facial cleanser.

Made with natural extracts including coconut oil, vitamin E, frankincense and ylang ylang, Balm of Ages can also be used to treat skin complaints including acne and eczema, or soothe rashes or bruises. And we’d give it extra points for the rich, aromatic scent. See? Definitely a handbag staple.

balm of agesBlack Chicken Balm of Ages is available to buy at Beauty Works West.