Oh hello, you’re rather lovely aren’t you?

Yes, we are. We’re Bionda Castana’s Dorothy shoes. Not too sure why they called us that, but probably because if Miss-Off-To-See-The-Wizard had to choose a pair of heels these days, we’d be her first choice.

bionda castana dorothy heels

And why’s that?

Well, because we’re click-your-heels-and-go-anywhere shoes. You could wear us to dress up a weekendy pair of jeans, or a slim cigarette pant and blazer combo. Or if you really want to wow, slip us on with your weeniest mini skirt, cocktail frock or LBD. What’s all this ‘killer detail’ stuff about anyway? It sounds a bit silly.

Well it’s just our way of saying that you’re truly extraordinary. It’s the scalloped edging and perspex detailing that’s caught our attention.

We’re a twist on the traditional court shoe. Deal with it. Let’s not get over-excited now – we’re shoes, not a cure for the common cold.

bionda castana dorothy styling suggestions

Sorry, we just like heels. The clue’s in the name.

No need to get snarky now.