I have just tidied my knicker drawer. I have realised that, at the age of 33, I have turned into my mother. For 30 years, I have rebelled against her knicker neatness, but it has finally taken hold. I am sure she will be thrilled. Actually she probably hexed me in retrospect. Boy, does that lady love an organised knicker drawer. I must ask my sister if she has got there yet, she is messier with her clothes than I.


Anyway, what I have noticed is that my aforementioned knicker drawer is (now) organised into sections. There are the day knickers and weird unworn thongs (why do I seemingly have hundreds, I think I may have worn one, once?). There are massive, elastic-less, greying ‘period pants’ that must never see the light of day (cue mortification should a partner ever witness them on or even off the body) and some which can only be classed as Sexy Pants, which just do not ever see the light of day. The bra side is essentially split the same: sexy, uncomfortable and never worn, everyday comfortable cropped tops, slighter racier crop tops (you know for dates and low v-tees and the like), and this strange section which includes the Sexy Bras which I have no idea why I ever bought as they look like implements of torture/are ridiculous. I have just put these in my styling kit – someone else can look ridiculous in them.


This tidying has brought to light that I really like and only wear really big pants. A styling secret of joy is to avoid VPL by buying knickers at least one if not two sizes bigger as the lines are minimised when they are not digging in. But I think my love of the big pant goes further than this. When I say big, I mean really big.

This came about because one of my pet hates is the so called Muffin Top. Jeans are often cut with low rises and A. it looks gross and B. that bit gets cold in the winter. I am a tucker-in, and everyone I style is tucked-in. I even tuck my t-shirts in, but I always feel conscious of ‘that’ bit. It’s so hard to find jeans that actually fit (regular readers of this column will have read my Open Letter rant to denim – before the open letter became more vogue than denim itself, see Sinead O Connor, Anthony Hopkins), but my main issue apart from the length and fit and expense, is that if you wear high-waisted you are likely to have to accept ‘Mum Bum’ and if you wear normal cuts you have to succumb to Muffin Top.

Here’s the thing. The high-waisted knicker solves this. Yes, I love the high-waisted knicker. I love it so much I wore a pair in accessory designer Emmanuel Katsaros’ Short Film for Autumn Winter 2012. With a shirt. Tucked in. I really enjoy feeling together. It’s a feeling you get in a high-waisted big knicker, and apart from the fact that seeing peoples allegedly sexy, lacy, brightly-coloured thongs makes me want to gag, there is a place for the big knicker in Sexy Society. Think Dita, think Marilyn, think the Fifties Pin Ups….if the underwear you are wearing is not for you but a partner, you are very welcome to convince me they wont find a confident, 50’s style, vintage sex siren version of you sexy. I dare you.


Gina Bradbury-Budd seemingly felt the same when she took matters into her own hands after fruitless trawls for knickers that weren’t thongs, low rise or granny pants. I am very glad she did. Sexy Big Pants is her brainchild and they are the best thing ever. A capsule range of flattering black knickers for women who want to look sexy, and like me, don’t think fluro pink thongs or crotchless panties equal sexy.


Her SBP’s have Italian lace inserts, mesh panels, bows and embroidery, with a cotton gusset – hurrah! What’s really great is that they make you feel good, no one can see them and they are not Spanx, squeezing you within an inch of your final breath. Who gets the tube in Spanx? Who microwaves soup in Spanx? There is a time and a place, sure, I get that, but every morning to go to work is not the one surely? I would recommend the ‘Millie’ for everyday wear if your knickers will be seen above a waistband, I think the plainness on sight is cute, too much lace on show and you most likely to be creating the wrong impression. The more intricate pieces work under high-waisted trousers, skirts and dresses though.


Wearing a high-waisted knicker makes you feel different. There is something sexy about wearing something that feels so Pin-up-y under your t-shirt and jeans, and there is something about a high waist that makes you stand up properly. Women of all shapes and sizes are sexy, and these knickers don’t squash and squeeze you into another shape, they give you the confidence to be the shape you are. Who doesn’t want to feel like that everyday? Even if it is in secret, oh what lies beneath! Join the revolution to banish the muffin top and Get Sexy, Big, Pants.