Can there be a more seductive, smile-inducing sensation than that of sunshine on bare skin? It’s the season of sundresses, spaghetti straps and sexy shorts, and we’ve tried out all the best bodycare products to give you the lowdown on the ones you really need to know about…

summer body care essentials

The Super Scrub

We’re big fans of multi-tasking products and Sanctuary Spa’s 4 Day Moisture Oil Scrub definitely ticks that box. Made with sea salt, olive oil, shea butter and Gold of Pleasure oil (yes, really!), this exfoliates while adding moisture, leaving skin soft, smooth and deliciously scented. It’s so deeply hydrating that you’ll be able to skip moisturising post-shower too – bonus! Why Not Try? From science-focused skincare brand QMS Medicosmetics, the Pro-Body Exfoliator is an invigorating and effective shower treat.

The Instant Body Perfector

A product which quite rightly deserves its cult status, once you discover Prtty Peaushun, there’s no going back. It’s another consummate multi-tasker that transforms skin instantly – think of it as a Photoshop for legs, arms, shoulders and anywhere else you choose to use it. Blurring imperfections and masking blemishes, the subtle, tinted lotion gives skin a luminous and radiant finish. Even better, it also contains natural ingredients which firm, tone and fight cellulite and water retention. See, we told you it was good… Why Not Try? Giving skin a natural glow, Instant Tan Lotion from St Tropez is a 100% foolproof (and waterproof) temporary tan which lasts for up to 24 hours.

prtty peashun

The Foolproof Tan

We had BB and CC – now meet DD: continuing the beauty industry’s obsession with all things alphabet, Madame LA LA is described as a ‘DD Tan Perfector’. Sounds gimmicky? Perhaps. But this ‘dynamic do-all’ really does it all! Madame LA LA gives you a streak-free golden glow which adapts to each individual skin tone, while giving skin a shot of moisture and anti-ageing goodness thanks to coco water, green tea and vitamin E. With a lightweight feel and no heavy aroma, the tinted mousse makes for easy application, with colour developing in around three hours. And for the English roses amongst you, there’s also a special Light version. Why Not Try? A 100% natural, totally even tanning oil, Tan Organic is made with aloe vera which hydrates the skin as you tan.

The Skin Smoothing Moisturiser

Hydrating is all well and good, but we’d like a little more from our moisturiser please. Who has time to slather on two different body creams AND wait for them to dry? Quite. Luckily Sunday Riley’s Disrobe Body Lotion is a rather clever product that smoothes skin and moisturises at the same time. Made with lactic acid, Disrobe penetrates skin deeply to exfoliate gently, improving tone and texture day by day. Why Not Try? From good old Palmer’s, the Anti-Aging Smoothing Lotion combines alpha & beta hydroxy acids with cocoa butter and vitamin E to exfoliate gradually.

best summer bodycare products

The Summery Shower Supremo

With a scent inspired by Cornish hedgerows, the Summer Rising Bath and Shower Gel from Noble Isle is the olfactive embodiment of sunny mornings in the countryside. A sensory symphony featuring elderflower and gooseberry underscored with orange blossom and cut grass, it makes us want to roll in the hay, run about in sundresses and drink Pimm’s on the lawn. Or just enjoy a jolly good shower. Why Not Try? Mandara Spa’s Tropical Blooms Moisturising Shower Gel transports us to tropical climes with exotic frangipani flower milk, heady jasmine and sexy ylang ylang.