“There’s an app for that” goes the age-old phrase… But just how many times have you downloaded an apparently indispensable app, only to get bored after a couple of minutes, leaving it languishing on your phone’s homescreen, taking up valuable space and memory? Research shows that 80 – 90% of all apps downloaded are used just once, then eventually deleted. Whether it’s organising your wardrobe, helping clear out some of those unwanted clothes and accessories or simplifying shopping, these fashion apps have passed the acid test – and get the do-not-delete thumbs up from Running in Heels. Read on for our edit of the best fashion apps…


Remember that bit in Clueless where Cher has her own digital wardrobe? If you’ve ever felt that a magic virtual wardrobe would quite frankly revolutionise your life, then you’re going to go gaga for Stylebook. After taking photos of your own clothes, shoes and accessories and uploading them to Stylebook, you can create, save and even share ‘looks’ or moodboards.

Wondering how much value you’re getting from your fashion investments? Track how often you wear your favourite pieces. Heading on holiday? Create a packing list. You can also browse over 1,000,000 items available to buy from a huge range of stores and brands, and mix and match them in your virtual wardrobe or add them to a wish list. Stylebook costs £2.99 to download, but you do get a serious list of features for that price. There’s no excuse for that old ‘nothing to wear’ claim!


Meet eBay 2.0. Sure, we’re big fans of eBay – but let’s face it, eBaying the unwanted, unworn things in your wardrobe can take a while – even with the dedicated app. Depop simplifies the whole process: take a pic of your item, add a description and set your price before sharing across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also follow other Depop users so if there’s someone whose style you like, you’ll be able to see when they’re clearing out their closet.

Depop has been championed by various fashion bloggers too, so you can expect to see on-trend clothes and accessories on sale alongside vintage pieces and the best of the high street. Payment is via PayPal, so all transactions are fully secure. There’s never been a better reason to make some space in your wardrobe – just don’t get drawn into browsing while you’re at it!

The Wantlist By Styloko

Recently launched by fashion discovery engine Styloko, The Wantlist offers a huge variety of functions for fashionistas in one simple app. Primarily, this is about discovering fashion – so there’s a swipe-right-swipe-left feature which shows you items based on your filters, which could be price, type of product or colour, for example. Clicking on saved products then allows you to take things one step further and see items which are similar in colour or shape. Yes, the possibilities are endless here – and playing around with The Wantlist is a lot of fun.

You can also click to find products which are similar – but slightly cheaper. And there’s sales alerts for any items you save. One of the cleverest aspects of The Wantlist is that it functions across devices – so you can swipe, save and share on your mobile and tablet – and then take a better look at things on a bigger screen via your laptop. “We keep the shopping going,” is the app’s tagline. As if we needed any encouragement…


Billed as ‘Tinder for Fashion’, Grabble is a super simple app helping you discover fashion from all your favourite high street retailers and luxury etailers.  There’s ASOS, Uniqlo and Topshop as well as Net-A-Porter, Matches and Selfridges. Swipe right if you love it, left to pass – you know the deal, right?

It’s as addictive as that darned dating app, and super easy to either add items to your wish list or click through to buy them. Style inspiration comes in the form of curated fashion edits from Grabble’s stylists’ themed collections, and you can also create your own product lists. Opt in to be alerted when items you’ve liked drop in price. All in all, it’s highly addictive – don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Snap Fashion

Ever seen someone wearing something and wanted to track it down? Or fancied a similar shape of dress, but in a different colour? Snap Fashion is a visual search engine that functions as a Shazam for style – using images rather than words to find just what you’re looking for. “See It. Snap It. Buy It” is the app’s tagline: simply upload an image, select a category for the product (dress, shoes, coat etc.) and then watch as Snap Fashion magically generates a list of similar items.

The app’s algorithm ranks search results based on how similar items are to your uploaded image, but you can also view shape matches and colour matches – perfect if you’re looking for shoes to match a bag for example. If you’re not clicking through to buy, you can add items to a wish list – or opt to share with friends via email or social media. Snap Fashion is another one to feature alerts for price drops. You may need to reconsider finances if you’re downloading any of these apps..


Uh-oh, it’s another ‘Tinder for’ – just in case you were getting bored of right-swiping. Repetitive strain injury anyone? But we’ll let things slide for Stylect – it’s TINDER FOR SHOES, after all. A much more meaningful right-swipe, we’re sure you’ll agree. Whether you’re just browsing or looking for The One, Stylect has the shoes for you. The app features over 5,000 brands – from high street to high end, so there’s something to suit all tastes and budgets.

You can also sort according to the type of shoes you’re after (heels, sandals, trainers etc.) and filter shoes based on size, price and colour. A keyword search allows you to track down that specific pair of shoes you’re looking for, while ‘Deals’ shows you the buy-me-now footwear. Found what you like? Click on ‘Buy’ – that’s it. Based on the shoes you like, Stylect gradually gets to know your taste and makes personalised recommendations. You can also opt to receive notifications when shoes you’ve like go on sale. Dangerous, very dangerous.

Want more?

Try Lyst – which allows you to create a curated, personalised shopping experience, browsing items from over 11,000 designers and stores in one place with a single checkout process. Or there’s ASAP54 which combines image recognition with keyword search… On the social side of things, Whisp very cleverly mixes messaging and fashion – perfect for shopping with friends, or getting feedback from your fashionista pals. If you’re an Instagram fan, you should definitely sign up with LIKEtoKNOW.it which enables you to shop images and get product links directly to your inbox.