This time of year plays havoc with skin. Outdoors, the temperature drops and the wind gets gusty, making skin flaky and easily irritated. There’s no respite inside either where central heating and air conditioning suck even more moisture from your face. And then there’s that post-summer pallor when the healthy glow has faded and you look as grey as the skin instead. Enter a new breed of face mists, made for more that simply spraying water on your face. These formulas can protect against pollution, give a golden glow or plump up the skin. Time to get spritzing!


Best for boosting radiance: Emma Hardie Plump & Glow

The first facial mist to come packaged in a soft tube – making it ultra-light and portable – Emma Hardie’s Plump & Glow is like Red Bull for your face. A corn seed extract acts at the natural energiser, increasing the metabolism of the skin’s cells and flushing out toxins faster while hyaluronic acid attracts and traps moisture. The mist contains fine mica particles to balance out redness and give an instant glow, plus soothing and nourishing aloe vera, wild watermint and velvet flower. Buy online here.

Best for blemishes: Amly Botanicals Radiance Boost Silver-Rich Face Mist

Made in small batches in East Sussex, this mist is packed with 20 beautiful and potent botanical extracts, from rose otto to frankincense. Simply inhale the sublime scent if you need any reassurance about their purity. What really packs a punch though is the spring water, rich in silver, which is renowned for its healing and antibacterial benefits. Add in natural the super-plumper hyaluronic acid and collagen-boosting copper peptides, and it’s a worthy skin and mood treat. Buy online here.


Best for a colour hit: James Read H2O Tan Mist

Another genius innovation from the god of self-tanning, this clear rosewater-based formula feels cool and fresh as it hits the skin, leaving it plumper and more dewy. The rosewater as well as lemon and rosemary extracts all have anti-ageing and antioxidant properties for added unseen benefits and creating an uplifting scent. But the real bonus is the gentle glow that James Read’s H2O Tan Mist gives after a few hours: you won’t look obviously tanned but rather subtly glowing. Buy online here.

Best for irritation: Allies of Skin Molecular Saviour Toner Mist

Part of a three-strong capsule collection of mega-multitasking products aimed at skin stressed out by partying, travel, work or just life, this spray boasts a formula that adapts to complexions’s changing needs. It uses anti-evaporation molecules that cling to the skin rather than disappearing, drip-feeding as necessary with soothing cucumber seed and strengthening damask rose extracts, plus spot-fighting colloidal silver. It’s antioxidant and helps boost the efficacy of whatever you apply afterwards too. Buy online here.


Best for protection: REN Flash Defence Anti-Pollution Mist

Now that the monumental damage that pollution is doing not just to our planet and our health, but to our skin is increasingly apparent, ingredients that protect against fumes, smoke and heavy metals in the air are fast becoming skincare essentials. This nifty spray forms a kind of weightless layer over the face that blocks and neutralises nasties, encourages skin to self-repair and helps detoxify cells. If you live in a city, you need one of these in your handbag…now. Buy online here.

Best for super hydration: Elemis Rehydrating Ginseng Toner

Don’t let the word toner fool you: this is so much more than an old-fashioned refresher between cleansing and moisturising. Not only will the Rehydrating Ginseng Toner from Elemis help to restore the delicate pH balance of the skin to help keep it healthy and well-behaved, but natural extracts including ginseng from Korea and Quillaja wood act as moisturising and conditioning agents to give a soft, smooth finish to the skin so it feels perfectly comfortable. Buy online here.