If you’re a freelancer or running your own small business, you’ll know that one of the benefits is being in control of when – and where you work. Fitting in laundry, errands and other life admin around your work is clearly a plus – flexible working is how we should all be working. Who wants to have to endure a crowded commute, go into an office or structure your life around a 9-5 system? So you may have decided that co-working isn’t for you. Too expensive, too corporate, too structured? Well, think again. Here’s why using a co-working space will really make a difference to your work life – and to your business.


Meeting New People

This has to be one of the biggest advantages to co-working spaces – direct access to new, inspiring people across a massive range of industries. After a social media expert/graphic designer/software developer? Ask around and you’re sure to find one in your office -and 20 minutes and a couple of lattes later, you’ve got some almost-free advice. It can be easy to feel uninspired when you’re working on your own – and meeting new people working in different sectors is exciting, inspiring, and sure to motivate you. Being surrounded by potential colleagues, partners and clients can only be a good thing.


Distractions Begone!

Focus is something we all find a little elusive these days, with Twitter, Instagram et al clamouring for our attention. If you’ve got a task that requires focus and that needs completing ASAP, there’s really no better way than heading to your co-working space. Somehow in an atmosphere where everyone is focusing on work, you’ll find that you’re not procrastinating – instead getting on with the task in hand and achieving your objectives in half the time you might if you were working from home. Using a co-working space means working smarter.


Better Meetings

Got a potential meeting with a new client? The meeting rooms or cafés within co-working spaces are made for client meetings – and they really are SO much more professional than scheduling a coffee at your local Starbucks. We love a Pumpkin Spice Latte as much as the next person, but trying to explain your business plan or talk through your logo designs when the Babyccino tribe have set up camp just across the café – it just doesn’t leave a great impression.


A Sense of Community

You’ll find that somehow being part of a co-working space – and the community that goes with it – does add value to your work. Finding an office that suits your style, with its own culture and community gives freelancers and small businesses alike a sense of belonging. Working solo can be lonely, and feeling that you’re part of a community and people that know and care about you makes a big difference. It doesn’t have to mean constant distractions – just a chat while you get a coffee, or eating lunch together, for example.


New Friends

Yes, networking and making professional connections is all well and good – but a co-working space means the opportunity to make new friends too. Sharing the experience of running your own show, or fundraising for your new venture is the perfect background for beatiful new friendships. And let’s be honest – who doesn’t want to meet new people and make a few more friends?


It Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

TOG have now introduced their shiny new Lounge membership. For £50 monthly you can enjoy 32 hours of access to beautiful drop-in workspaces across London – in locations including Kings Cross, Bloomsbury, Shoreditch, Oxford Circus and even in the Shard! 20 Lounges that have great (free) coffee as well as free wifi but are also spaces that have considered design and furniture, plus a huge focus on community and giving you as many opportunities as possible to meet and make business connections with fellow members. You can see what The Office Group is all about here and can get in touch by contacting eva@theofficegroup.co.uk.

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