In today’s cosmetic landscape, we’re used to – and frequently expect – a multitude of benefits from most beauty products, especially when it comes to something like a face mask that is often regarded as an adjunct to a regular skincare regime. And while many multi-taskers suffer because some benefits seem to outweigh the others, Mask Supreme 7-in-1 by facial guru Antonia Burrell actually does all is says it will. Her skincare range and facials are based around treating skin that’s ageing but can also break out. This means creating balance by hydrating and brightening while calming and protecting, with potent botanical ingredients and formulated using her knowledge as a specialist in natural beauty and wellbeing, including plant science and aromatherapy.

antonia mask supreme

For her seven-time whammy mask, Antonia has brought together powerful ingredients such as pore-purifying bentonite clay, phoridium extract to slow skin ageing and even out skin tone, plus wrinkle-busting Abyssinian oil. It utilises a special time-release technology called oleosomes to ensure skin is fed and strengthened over hours rather than just a short time after application.

You have two options for use with the Mask Supreme 7-in-1: leave it on for ten minutes to get an instant pick-me-up or overnight for a more intensive treatment. And although the mask is a greeny grey clay, you’ll only need a thin layer and it absorbs quickly so there’s no goo left on the pillow or reason to panic if you have to open the door for the postman. It makes it an on-board essential for long haul flights too. While the formula will draw out impurities, there’s no need to fear that it willdry out and leave your face feeling tight. The result, in fact, is quite the opposite. The skin is smooth as velvet when you rinse, looks fresher and as any redness is toned down, it has more clarity too.

face mask

Knowing what stress does to the skin, it was crucial for Antonia to get the aromatherapy element right, so expect a divine blend of rose, geranium, lavender and eucalyptus, which not only blisses out the senses but have beneficial properties including calming and repairing skin. With such myriad benefits, 2-in-1’s just won’t cut it anymore.

Antonia Burrell Mask Supreme 7-in-1 is available to buy online here.