Not everyone gets chance to access their own personal facialist, but yes, we’re pretty good to you here at RIH. Anti-ageing queries or acne concerns?  Puffy eyes or fine lines? Each month, we’ll be giving you the chance to put your questions to super facialist and skincare expert Antonia Burrell

antonia burrell facialist

I’m in my late twenties and just starting to think a bit more about skincare and spending on products. What about facials? Do they really make a big difference and how often should you have them? What kind of facial is best and what should I look for? My skin is quite mixed, dry in places and oily too.

Your twenties is definitely a good time to start investing in your anti-ageing routine. It’s important to take anti-ageing seriously even in your twenties as the more time and effort you invest in looking after your skin now, the better results you will see later in life. I recommend having regular facials, about one every 6-8 weeks, with an experienced facialist. Changes in temperature, the environment and hormone levels can all have negative effects on even the clearest of complexions, so it’s important to consult a therapist who can advise on how to improve its condition.


With regards to what type of facial to look for, I recommend having a bespoke facial that’s tailored to your specific skincare needs. My bespoke facials offer a chemical-free, holistic experience and are custom designed around you and the needs of your skin. They help tackle a myriad of issues from premature ageing, keeping wrinkles at bay, adult acne to pigmentation to name a few. Procedures like extractions, microdermabrasion and accupressure are all important techniques that you should look for in your facials too as they make a real difference to your skin.

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