Perfumer Angela Flanders’ elegant East London boutiques are like a shrine to the glamour of a bygone era,and a refreshing antidote to department store fragrance counters and supermodel-fronted campaigns. There’s no marketing buzz and minimal fanfare here though – these are scents that speak for themselves.

Angela Flanders Breath of Hope

Breath of Hope – an old English word for snowdrop – is Flanders latest creation. With pretty top notes of lily of the valley and galbanum, underscored with smoky, sexy frankincense and myrrh; it’s like a lace slip underneath a floral overcoat.

snowdrops poem

The fragrance was inspired by a poem of the same name written by fragrance critic Vicci Bentley: a member of the judging panel when Flanders won the FiFi award for Best New Independent Fragrance in 2012. The poem is based on a walk Bentley took through a graveyard where she noticed the newly appeared snowdrops, and imagined Flanders creating a fragrance inspired by their scent. And in a case of life imitating art, that is just what happened!

Only 50 limited edition bottles of Breath of Hope have been produced, so head to Flanders’ boutique, or visit her website to snap up this dreamy scent before it sells out.