Accessories are great; you may fluctuate between dress sizes but your earrings, shoes and handbags will always be the right fit and add a little polish to any outfit. Handbags are frequently a fashion statement, especially when accompanied by an endorsement from a trendsetter – and if they’re photographed carrying a certain bag, sales soon rocket and the item becomes the “must-have” of the season.  A certain Ms Birkin has a serious waiting list for her leather namesake.birkin bagsThese designer handbags have a hefty price-tag and although some people may be happy to splurge on a statement piece, for many of us these bags just aren’t in our price range.  Affordable handbags can update your look and allow us to try out seasonal trends without a significant investment. This year, the catwalks have been awash with clutches. No longer the preserve of weddings or special occasions, the clutch is now larger and more practical for everyday use, with portfolio styles designed to hold all of your office essentials. Practical and stylish – whether you’re heading to an important meeting or -ahem – important drinks party. We approve.

clutch bagsOf course, for those of us who can’t bear to leave everything-but-the-kitchen-sink at home, a tote bag is always going to be the handbag of choice. Opt for long-lasting, hard-wearing leather – or choose a simple canvas tote for weekend trips or a stow-all beach bag.  Whatever your mood or season, a handbag is the finishing touch to any outfit; from a practical tote to a statement clutch to dress up your boyfriend jeans, it’s always a fashion investment.

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