As it seems we’re only now descending from a period where any item of interest has been evaluated in terms of whatever cursory connection it might have had to the life and times of the late, great Michael Jackson, perhaps it should be first pointed out that the name ‘Adlon’ may have resurfaced from your subconscious recently. In 2002 Jackson dangled his then-less-than-a-year-old baby Blanket from the balcony of one of the Adlon Hotel’s luxurious suites by the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Although the Adlon may now forever be synonymous with the troubled superstar, in Germany it’s better known as home to the illustrious and decorous – both the Queen and Barack Obama have stayed in the hotel in recent times and it is recognised as one of Germany’s best hotels. Unsurprisingly, however, the prestige doesn’t come cheap – as well as superlative service, top suites in the Adlon have stratospheric prices to match – so if your bank balance is a bit more down-to-earth your chances of spending a night with the Queen or sleeping next to Obama (figuratively speaking) are probably quite slim.


Blissed out (without Blanket) in Berlin

Luckily there’s a viable alternative for those who want to experience the Adlon Hotel’s exceptional facilities and legendary service without the bill leaving them ashen-faced. In fact, if everything goes to plan you should be left rosy-cheeked – the hotel has recently opened its Adlon Day Spa. The resort is accessible even to those who aren’t guests of the hotel, meaning that it’s still possible for Berliners on a budget to be treated like royalty. Set over 900 square metres, the three-storey spa’s polished marble interior is as sleek as the brand’s reputation might lead you to anticipate, but the uncluttered style is calming rather than sterile. Its sheer scale shows the Adlon group has committed to creating a quality spa rather than merely relying on its association with the established hotel it finds itself part of. As well as 13 treatment rooms, a yoga room and Watsu pool, the spa also has three large spa suites which I was informed are great for ‘partners who want group sessions’. Generally hotel staff members don’t so explicitly confirm the less-than-salubrious activities that may take place upon their premises, but let’s just assume the cock-up was purely linguistic and that he meant they communally indulge in the spa’s speciality treatments, of which there are many.

Visitors eager to explore Berlin’s debauched clubbing scene might want to consider the invigorating 90-minute Sensai Premier Beauty facial, for example, while the spa’s detox body-wrap or the Shirabe anti-ageing facial might be more appropriate if you visit the morning after the night before. For a slightly more hands-on treatment, the Balinese massage with ginger and lemongrass, or the classic Swedish massage promise to alternatively soothe and pummel the stress from your body. And the commitment to providing a full-body overhaul goes further. With body and face restored, the Adlon Day spa also offers a hairdressing salon on its top level, with women’s haircuts costing from a reasonable €50 should you wish for a complete top-to-toe makeover. With the hairdressers on street level it’s not uncommon for curious passersby to try and sneak a look at whatever celebrity might be inside so prepare to be gawked at. Not necessarily a comfortable conclusion to your evening of pampering but rest assured – while you won’t attract the same level of interest as Jackson did back in the day, no matter how good a job your therapists do, you definitely won’t need a blanket to cover your face.

The Adlon Day Spa
Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin
Unter den Linden 77
10117 Berlin

One of the luxe suites at the day spa