So you’re probably enjoying checking out gift lists, buying hats, traipsing around and catching planes at the moment aren’t you? Wedding season is here, people! Perhaps you’ve spent endless hours choosing your dress, tasting cakes and planning the perfect wedding. Or maybe you’re waiting for a certain fellow to kneel down in a public place and ask you a fairly life-changing question with a sizeable sparkler? But what if the whole diamond engagement ring thing was actually a complex marketing campaign invented way back when?
engagedAmericans exchange diamond rings as part of the engagement process, because in 1938 De Beers decided that they would like us to. Prior to a stunningly successful marketing campaign in 1938, Americans occasionally exchanged engagement rings, but it wasn’t a pervasive occurrence. Not only is the demand for diamonds a marketing invention, but diamonds aren’t actually that rare. Only by carefully restricting the supply has De Beers kept the price of a diamond high. Read more: Business Insider.