Beauty resolutions are a LOT more fun than regular new year’s resolutions, so you should definitely consider making some! New year, new you? When it comes to your beauty routine, it’s time to make a few changes for the better. Our beauty resolutions for 2017 will make you feel and look your very best all year long. Let’s go!

Don’t Forget To Cleanse

If you only make one new year’s beauty resolution, this should be it. Yep, it’s easy to forget it if you’re getting back late after a big night out, or if you’re always in a rush in the morning, but you should never skip cleansing your face. And no, a quick swipe with cleansing wipes doesn’t count! Healthy, radiant, fresh skin starts with washing your face – twice a day, every day. Creams, gels, balms or washes – if you’re unsure, try a few products to find out what suits your skin type best. Not only will cleansing remove dirt, make-up, impurities, excess oil and dead skin cells, it will also unblock pores, meaning that skincare products such as serums, toners and moisturisers are more effective.

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Spring Clean Your Makeup

Time to have a clear out! Whether you’ve received beauty products as Christmas gifts or just purchased items that don’t quite suit you, we’ve all got skincare, makeup and toiletries that we just don’t use. Stop, don’t throw them away! Give And Makeup is a fantastic initiative which distributes beauty products to women escaping violence, via Refuge, Women’s Aid and the Warrior Women Project. There’s lots of info here – but you can send anything which is new or nearly new, so package up the products that have been gathering dust and send them on to a new home thanks to Give And Makeup.

Always Wear SPF

Not just when you’re on holiday. Every. Single. Day. If there’s one thing pretty much any facialist or skincare specialist will tell you, it’s to wear SPF at all times. Sun damage is the fastest way to age your skin, so make sure you wear an SPF every single day. Recommendations vary depending on your skin type, but think at least SPF 30 to really protect your skin long-term.

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Try Something New

Always use the same matte red lipstick? Try a bright pink instead. Had long hair with layers since forever? How about a choppy bob or perhaps a fringe? Always been itching to dye your hair a different colour? Take the plunge. Or if you’ve been doing the same daytime beauty look since you can’t remember when, maybe it’s time to switch things up! A few inexpensive tweaks to your makeup, hair or skincare provide an instant pick-me-up to boost your mood and make you feel great about yourself. Don’t get stuck in a beauty rut – test out new eye shadows, pamper yourself with a face mask or two or try experimenting with different hair styles.

Rethink Your Base

Double Wear devotee? Only ever wear the same BB cream? It’s time to have a little play and make some changes. Most beauty boutiques or department store cosmetic counters will not only give advice on new things to try, but often offer a sample so that you can road test new foundations at home. If you’re used to wearing a medium or heavy coverage foundation, perhaps try a CC cream with a few strategic dabs of concealer. Prefer a tinted moisturiser? Have a go with one of the new generation dewy or serum-style foundations, many of which offer added skincare benefits too.

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Ask Your Friends

Beauty editors and bloggers might have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest beauty products, but don’t overlook one of your most useful resources: your friends! Jen, who always has the perfect eyeliner flicks, even at the end of the night? Camilla, whose skin is sublimely glowy and radiant 24/7? Kate, who spends most of her salary on cult skincare brands and knows everything there is to know about vitamins and supplements? Your Mum, whose bathing product collection rivals the shelves of Space NK? Ask them what they use, what works, what they love and what they would recommend – they’ll be only too delighted to be asked, and to share their secrets.